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Poem by Carla Dias

To Dave Matthews

Last night I dreamed about who I used to be
And the dream showed me, that I was alone
Even so I was feeling grateful to be in this mysterious place
Confronting painful issues with a touch of grace

I had to throw out some of my fears

When I awoke up from this dream
My feelings belonged to my soul as never before
I realized I could reach the beauty, despite my broken heart
And sing love songs, because of my broken heart

Then life whispered in my ears words I had never heard before

I don't blame you for being afraid of diving in my soul
Because I might not be able to calm your restlessness
But if we undress ourselves of our certainties
Maybe we have the chance to keep our world moving

Be gentle while undressing yourself from your old stories

I am just a man looking for his own dream
I am cultivating mysteries in the garden of exposed secrets
I live under the shadow of a dancer tree
Leaves, twigs and flowers know where the wind hits

I see myself through your eyes and it frees me

I will fly with borrowed wings above the dancer tree
It offers shelter for my frayed soul
I will tell a story about the dancer tree written by me
I am going to put my broken heart under its shadow

So would you come with me?
We can heal our broken hearts under the dancer tree

By Carla Dias

My dear, I am wondering if you really know the meaning of having wings. Have you already spread them? As if you were stretching your own soul and then endless emotions and visions suddenly hit you, and your body started feeling a kind of magical touch.

Have you?

Although you believe it is just a pleasurable dream, can you go further? Can you accept, that wings are for people who knows reality deeply, and are too tired to have an ordinary existence, with no way to make it better?

I need you to know: I have nothing against the ordinary. In fact it inspires me to keep walking and discover more about myself. But you must understand that wings are tools for our dreams to make reality, and not to fall in love with abysses. If you accept these wings you also turn on dreams of tolerance and justice in a journey of transformation.

I am a full-time dreamer and that is okay for me. I have been dreaming of you and your passionate glances towards the sky. Why are you so afraid to spread your wings? Why not go there, and pick a star before you return? Your eyes already harvested the space, my love. You should embrace your destiny.

My dear, I still have so many questions about life, but now I prefer to observe you gain your freedom instead of dealing with them. You don’t deserve to get stuck with fears. It is time to move on.

Don’t let yourself be alone with sorrow. I can offer you smiles and goals just until you learn how to bring your own to life. I give you my soul if you want it. I will always be there for you even though you don’t believe in yourself anymore.

I am rescuing you while we listen to the rain melody launching on the roofs’ rhythm.

I am just somebody trying to reach out your soul. Who knows if you can touch mine in the future? And there is a song, my dear… I have written you a song about dreams, wings, and the desire to believe in them.

Listen to… And dance with me.

© Anny Jacopetti
By Carla Dias

I wish you were not so dedicated to build cloudy dreams. I bet you would feel better if allowed yourself to be delighted with me.

Because my heart is devoted to you; and it has been maintaining powerful feelings inside me, and drawing a map of emotional chains. He is dragging me into your sea soul.

I am not depended upon you. I can choose the way I want to live. But I wish you were not so disillusioned with life, and weren’t so engaged in setting me free.

Because my heart is devoted to you. It can sing every love song. I am confident about loving you, but I know you are deeply discouraged about me.

Cloudy dreams cannot set you free.






By Carla Dias

You have unchained your heart of sad words,
and taken off your shoes to walk away alone.
On distances and mind games you have given up,
just to walk away alone.

You keep orbiting around the hunted souls,
feeding their searches with blooms and bitter thoughts.
You believe they have to know life can be both:
a field of love and flowers and a war that just began.

I know I cannot grasp what you mean to the world.
I know I am just the observer of you fighting for your goal.
I beg you; please do not ask me to close my eyes and soul,
because I need to see when you are walking away alone.

Your naked feet are walking on the garden of belief.
Your voice is reciting the future of the committed sins.
Your hair is blown by the colors of the eyes
of everyone who chose to walk away alone tonight.

You have asked before about the ones who lost themselves,
and decided their journey should be lived with voracity.
If I could, I would elect you as my favorite song,
just to sing you when you were walking away alone.

While I am stuck here, alone.

© Juja Kehl









By Carla Dias

Sorry if I ask you too much
But the words are floating out of my mouth
My voice sings as the strings of a cello crying
My soul is out of control

I would not want to scratch your dream
Or draw the true you have believed in
But sometimes life chooses us to enlighten others
About what we are not able to explain to ourselves 

But you have to accept I don’t belong in your story
I am like a strange language sliding on your tongue
I am foreign feet dancing on the skin of darkness
I am just the messenger of everything that disquiets you

I have nothing to loose
I have no time to spend on fears
I have nothing to offer you
I have no chance to undo outcomes

But you should know I am here
Hiding my wishes inside your heart
I am not the evil nor the son of God 
I am like a tempest taking your self-assurance apart

Sorry if I give you too much to think about
And for inspiring you to embrace each choice you have been making
I have been living in your inner universe for so long
It is time to leave my doubts behind 

If I could I would fix what hurts you
Take all your worries on my hands 
But I am just a fragment of life happening
I cannot choose you instead letting the destiny comes

If I could I would never tell you this tale
I would protect you from each abyss you had to face
But I am just a tool defending the right
To make you feel every feeling life provides 

Fate has whispered in my years to say goodbye
© Juja Kehl
By Carla Dias

I know it can be pointless
Touched by sorrows
Tied to hope
Still sealed with distress

I finally accepted
Sometimes the best it is to allow
Life changes the unthinkable
And puts an end to the wait

It is not touchable
It is painted red
On the lips of words left unsaid

I cannot deny
Life is different from what I bet it would be
I feel so alone, but someone said
Loneliness fits me beautifully

I used to be the best person
I could be
But now I am living
From a collection of pale memories

I know I could fall apart
If I looked to the abyss in the eyes
I hope I come back to myself someday
I hope it happens anytime

Life as I knew it
Will not happen to me again
But each dream I dreamed before is asleep
While I am discovering myself through this inner journey

So I hope I come back soon
I hope I come back to myself
To undress my soul of loneliness
To walk barefoot on new memories
By Carla Dias

I know it is hard to stand this moment,
when the duty of Life is to take your smile away.
And fill up your head with thoughts which you do not need,
hurt you badly as she never did before.

Who do you want to be during this free fall?
The fool flirting with his own emptiness,
or maybe the man behind the screen,
the one responsible for the destiny of people he never met?

What kind of words are you ruminating?
What kind of pain are you trying to hide?
Why do you seem so quiet for as long as you fall,
and Life is quietly leaving you aside?

People are going to hurt you,
but you also will hurt them from time to time.
There is somebody made to be there for you
when life seems to be falling apart.

You know, my friend
the world is spinning regardless of your pain.
And the news is floating around the world’s veins.
Time is being wasted with no tenderness.

But you must keep your heart in the hands of love.
Hang on to this forlorn hope.
I bet you will survive the games of Life,
and you will get your smile back again.
© Rodrigo Scó
By Carla Dias

Try to see her the way she is.
It can be simpler than you think.
Forget your fear of being wrong,
allow yourself float through her soul.

Dear boy, you have so much to learn
about the beauty of being free
from the fear of accepting the love
when it embraces us like a symphony.

Can you see the girl who writes stories?
She is waiting for you at life’s corner.
She is smiling at you when nobody is around.
She is writing for you an unexpected outcome.

You should already know
life is like a dangerous flight.
But certainly you can hold the goal
of building something true once in a while.








© Juja Kehl
By Carla Dias

I don’t know her
You don’t know her
She doesn’t know
Still she says we should know
About everything else
Because it is kept out there
The many lives we can wear

She hopes that soon
We run away from here
To build stories
And a few new memories
She says we should see the sky
From anywhere else but here
Because life is keeping out there
Our right to be free

I don’t know how
You don’t know why
She is trying to know when
We realized she cannot go away
And then come back again
Her heart is placed here despite her loneliness
Here her story makes sense
What would happen to her out there?

She does know
That she belongs here and nowhere else
She does understand she is locked in her own prison
But I do know
You do know
She does know for sure
It is time for us to say goodbye
And try to discover what are we headed for

She knows everything about where she is
She holds out against the wish of changing anything
Sometimes the best people we meet in life
Are the ones we have to leave behind
© Rodrigo Scó
By Carla Dias

I was adrift in a dream I did not know I could dream
Dressing up in feelings I had never felt before
I had started dancing across a mad world of tumbling
Wearing sounds I had never listened to until now

My name was screamed by the voice of strangers
My body was floating embracing challenging thoughts
I was spinning in the reckless of an inner journey
Gods and demons were smiling at me so inquisitively

I wanted to run away but Life held my heart with her cold hands
As long as she whispered hot words to my needy soul
Melting away the fear which had kept me in hopelessness
I was dreaming a dream nobody could dream for me

Raindrops were touching my face
When I opened my eyes and caught my breath
I still was the person I used to be
But I also was the person who had a dream

The kind of dream which changes everything
© Mônica Côrtes
By Carla Dias

A pale light has spread across the room
As if it were exploring corners
And seducing glances of the stranger
Who is walking around his own losses

People are trying to deny their own presence
It is hard for them to share fears and smiles
They are saying words to fill the silence
They would love to be authors of their own life

Then she comes and dances to loneliness
As if she were the lover of the played song
Then he comes and throws himself to timelessness
They are together but alone

There is an ocean in the center of this room
Some people are floating on their failed beliefs
There is a boy trying to dive into his own soul
He wants to find the meaning of being here

Easier it would be if they closed their eyes
Harder it would be if they opened their hearts
The pale light is kissing their deepest memories

Where buried were the greatest Self they could be

by Carla Dias

He lives inside his head
His guest-thoughts are not always good company
The windows of his inner house
Are hung by improbable views
Adorned with bad poetry

He lives inside his heart
Beating in the rhythm of hidden yearnings
Dealing with a thousand and two lies
Charting the way that one day
Will guide his soul towards the finish line

Ultimately he lives inside his head
Indeed he lives inside his heart
His soul is a crazy search for anywhere
Anywhere bittersweet dreams are
He accepts when his head welcomes his heart
© Mônica Côrtes
By Carla Dias

He said he knew me better than I ever could
Sang an old song about touching the skin of the moon
Chose a sweet word to embellish desolation
Offered me a cup of coffee to dissemble this sensation

He said he loved me deeply as a lover should
Rearranged my plans and took over my favorite room
Gave me a fresh and new name to make me sound true
Changed my furniture and sang a Slow Blues

He said he tried hard to make me feel truly good
Kissed me after domesticating my feelings and head too
Blew on his preferred sorrowful-song inside my mouth
Allowed me to dive into the silence to see what I had not seen hitherto

He said he understood me like no other could
Drove out my ghosts and made me dance in a locked room
Wrote a bad song about having me in so many ways
While shaping my destiny so I would never go away

He said he had to break me to rebuild my frail spirit
Turned my story stronger than the one I tried to read
Kept my freedom placed where he could always see it
While playing a heartbreaking song about being pleased

He said I would not survive the life the way I yearned for
Gave me a brand new dress and finally left me to dance alone
Sang a song about a perfect someone who could inspire any heart
Then smiled at me a bittersweet smile before saying goodbye

He said goodbye I cried goodbye and then I took off my brand new dress
He left the house and freed my soul claiming I was not the one he deserved
I laughed loudly I walked slowly and closed the door on his pale face
Then I sang a moving song about breathing life again
© Rodrigo Scó
By Carla Dias

Talk about what was never said
Bring me lightness and wisdom
Stick around for a long while
I must show you what I have kept secret
Then you will be ready to embrace all those blessings
I used to think were needless

So please
Leave the masks behind you
I do not care if it hurts me
I am ready for the unjustifiable truth
Slide your hands on my senses
Say your favorite word
The prelude for my inner peace

Walk slowly towards me
Count the steps until you touch me
Wait for me to spread my insight
I must reach what is hidden
Sink my nails in all sorrows
I have kept withheld

My pale soul is searching for more
Than a house made of cold flesh-and-bone
Full of lies and empty promises
And a harsh tempest running in its backyard
By Carla Dias

She says Love is like time borrowed
From craziness and joy forged by recollections
It is like a box of needs and prayers and lost thoughts
Like a cold touch over fiery skin

She thinks Love can be an assortment of deceits

He considers Love a kind of resourceful thief
Who steals from people the skills needed to reach their self-awareness
Overwhelming the conquered heart until it is barely beating
It is also an allurement, a downfall and mercilessness

How Love enslaves careless ones dismays him

Love believes that their perception is misplaced
Understanding how sometimes it can be truly rough
But what would happen to them if Love were always smooth and fair
What would happen to them without the shadows and the astonishment of Love

They, beyond any doubt, would not be a pair


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